Savekey system enables you to control hotel doorbells, heating, air conditioning, and IR panels.
You can control panels using a tablet. Savekey management system helps save up to 30% on electricity costs in hotel rooms. 
The system improves the quality of management, security and guest satisfaction. By building up the management network, the system can achieve the informatization and integration of management.

Savekey system enables the easy centralized management of devices in hotel rooms and the update of room status.
The system uses the Eclipse and Android SDK as a development platform,
the database is managed by Sqlite system, and TCP / IP protocol
helps achieve the centralized management. Winsock is used for
control programming. The test platform is built on the Android system.

System functions:

Card-in status
1. Card sensor: operation through the dry contact detection.
2. After inserting the card, the ‘Welcome’ scene will automatically activate the equipment by e.g. opening the curtains, turning on the droplight, ect. The information about status change will be visible on the reception computer. 
3. The lights in guest rooms cannot be controlled and hotel staff can only view the light status. 
4. After inserting the card, the temperature can be controlled, but the thermostat can’t be switched on/off. Only in the no card status the hotel staff can control all functions. 
5. Help in emergency.
6. Service (orders, cleaning, maintenance) can be ordered on the doorbell panel.
7. “Please wait” notification on the outer panel.
8. Window&door lock detection, curtain &AC control. 
9. Open door notification: if the door is open for a long time, an alarm is activated.
10. An energy saving switch cuts off power after check-out. 
11. The thermostat will be automatically turned off or switched into ECO mode when the door/window is open for at least 30 seconds.

No card status
1. After withdrawing the card all devices can be operated according to the no card status.
2. The change of device status is updated in the system.
3. There are maximum 100 time stettings per one week. The parametres include AC ID, date, open and close time.
4. The optional change of working mode.
5. Exhaust fan control: work duration, working time cycle.
6. Heating is turned off if the window/door is open.
7. Open door notification.
8. After the guest check-in heating and exhaust fan are automatically switched on in his room, the other appliances are off.
9. When the door is open, the passage light turns on. After closing the door you can keep the lights on or make them turn off automatically after 30 seconds.