Lighting control



Modern design, remote control from any place, easy installation and programming and customization are only a few advantages of our switches.

SaveKey touch panel switches can be divided into: lighting switches, stairway light switches and dimmers.


  • Master on/off function – you turn on or off everything
  • Light scenes – you turn on or off a single light with one-button command
  • Sensor and backlight brightness setting – during both work and stand-by mode. The switch adjusts to the light brightness in a room.
  • Tone setting – you can turn off, lower or turn up the button tone


  • Gesture control NEW!
  • Remote control, SaveKey4mobile app control


  • Subtle LED backlight
  • Content customization
  • Various colours and types of frames


  • One SaveKey switch can replace up to 6 traditional light switches
  • Unique design 
  • BASIC and PREMIUM series – no wiring
  • Remote control (ADVANCED and PREMIUM series)
  • Easy installation and programming

SaveKey touch panel switches differ in functionality depending on the series. The details are given in the descriptions of each series.