SaveKey switch frames

Each interior is different. That’s why we created a wide range of frames for our touch panel switches so that everybody can find a perfect solution for himself.

Glass, metal, aluminium, PCV, single, double or triple? White, black, gold or maybe pink? Check all the available options!

SaveKey switch frames can be easily replaced. If you get bored with your frame, you can change the looks of your switch and exchange the frame on your own.

Włączniki dotykowe SaveKey - ramki szklane


Glass – our new HIT product!

In order to follow the latest trends we broadened our offer at the beginning of the year by introducing SaveKey glass frames. Glass switch frames are available in three colours: black, white and champagne.






Włączniki dotykowe SaveKey - ramki metalowe


Metal frame – the most frequent choice of our clients

Silver or gold, brushed or polished, it’s up to you.






Włączniki dotykowe SaveKey - ramki PCV








PCV high quality frame

A wide range of colours will satisfy everybody. We offer both subtle white or black colours and bright pink or blue ones.






Włączniki dotykowe SaveKey - ramki aluminiowe




High quality aluminium frames are a great alternative to the glass option. We offer black, white and champagne aluminium frames.