Create your modern and comfortable house with us- system description

Would you like to change your house fast and make it more unique? If yes, you’ve found the right place!

SaveKey switch system is an interesting solution with almost limitless possibilities.

SaveKey touch panel switches can replace up to 6 traditional switches.

SaveKey switch system can be expanded at any time. You can also enjoy new functions by controlling up to 10 thousand devices with the app.

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How to choose suitable SaveKey series?

SaveKey can be divided into 3 series according to their functionality and corresponding electrical installation.

SaveKey BASIC series is the most basic solution. This series does not require any changes in electrical installation. You just take off a traditional switch and replace it with SaveKey BASIC switch. Series description >>

SaveKey ADVANCED series is the networking option. It means that the switches can communicate between each other. Therefore, we can create lighting scenes, that is we turn on/turn off all/chosen lights using one switch. Series description>>

SaveKey PREMIUM is the newest one. The switches are wireless, do not require any changes in installation and include all functions.  Series description >>

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abiLine smartControl – control appliances in your house from any place in the world

Change your phone into a universal remote controller to control almost all appliances in your house.

abiLine smartControl is a simple and wireless solution which enables you to control up to 10 thousand devices.

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