SaveKey hotel doorbells

In many hotels common door hangers such as “Do Not Disturb‘ or ‘Clean Up‘ are used as a means for guests to communicate with hotel staff. However, paper hangers quickly wear out and fall off the handles so hotel staff don’t know to which room they refer. Moreover, hangers look unesthetic and they need to be often replaced.

Therefore, our SaveKey doorbells could be a great option for communicating with staff.

The doorbell system includes bell, indoor and outdoor panels.

A guest can press the chosen key on the doorbell panel and his request appears in hotel hall. Doorbell touch panels are backlit so they can be easily found even in darkness.

Do Not Disturb” function automatically blocks any calls to that room.

The system is available as off-line – the notifications are seen only when hotel employee is in the given hall.

The on-line version is much more developed and it sends the information directly to the reception. Learn more >>>

The system design can be modified as doorbell panel frames can be changed for other frames available on our offer.