Wiosenny Zakątek – an intelligent investment in Zielona Góra

RM PROINVEST developer focuses on modern solutions. SaveKey home automation system will be installed in a new housing estate called Wiosenny Zakątek.

Residents will be able to control their home with a mobile app so that their houses will become more comfortable, secure and modern.
Traditional light switches are replaced with SaveKey touch panels which enable lighting, curtain and heating control.

There are three different system options according to the user needs.

What will residents get?


  • flood sensors
  • door and window sensors
  • integration with alarm systems – the option of turning on/off an alarm with your smartphone
  • Camera connection – surveillance on your smartphone
  • Setting curtain and lighting shcedule during our absence at home


  • touch, gesture, remote and smartphone control
  • IR/RF/WiFi device control with one app
  • scene setting, e.g. one button press will trigger turning off lighting, lowering curtains, setting temperature level and turning on the alarm.


  • PCV, metal or glass frames
  • text customization
  • subtle LED backlight
  • one SaveKey panel replaces up to 6 traditional switches

Soon there will be presented the first show house in which you can test our system.

Wiosenny Zakątek is an exceptional investment, you can find more details here: